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You will recall, that I made myself a new chalkboard way back last summer.  The idea of the chalkboard is that it is a way to ‘free up’ drawing practice.  By using such an inherently ephemeral medium, not intended to be kept as a finished ‘work’ takes away all sense of anxiety over how a proposed drawing might turn out.  Trouble is, this process does its job all too well and so I end up making a drawing I like and wish I could keep.  So, this drawing was made last summer, and has just now been washed off, but not before a new version has been produced as a woodcut.  A woodcut is of course a very different medium to a chalk drawing, and so off course they are quite different images.  To see the woodcut, you had better take yourself along to the next show at The Left Hand Gallery in Braidwood, NSW.  Open on weekends, 24/25 August, 31 Aug/1st Sept, 7/8 Sept.  As Julian Davies, the resident curator at The Left Hand says of relief prints, “Once something is sliced away it cannot be put back. This is way of making pictures that asks for daring and imagination.” So the antithesis of a chalkboard really.



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2 Responses to “chalkboard 002”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Peter
    I came across your blog while researching a residency at Fiskars. I really liked the images you produced – particularly the work on the wall paper.

    I would be keen to hear about your experiences there and wondered if you had any tips to share

  2. coburg3058 Says:

    Hi Peter,

    I came across your blog while researching residencies at Fiskars. I really liked the imagery of the landscape that you produced while there – particularly the trees on the old fashioned wall paper.

    I would love to hear more about your experiences and whether you have any tips

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