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chalkboard 002

August 16, 2013



You will recall, that I made myself a new chalkboard way back last summer.  The idea of the chalkboard is that it is a way to ‘free up’ drawing practice.  By using such an inherently ephemeral medium, not intended to be kept as a finished ‘work’ takes away all sense of anxiety over how a proposed drawing might turn out.  Trouble is, this process does its job all too well and so I end up making a drawing I like and wish I could keep.  So, this drawing was made last summer, and has just now been washed off, but not before a new version has been produced as a woodcut.  A woodcut is of course a very different medium to a chalk drawing, and so off course they are quite different images.  To see the woodcut, you had better take yourself along to the next show at The Left Hand Gallery in Braidwood, NSW.  Open on weekends, 24/25 August, 31 Aug/1st Sept, 7/8 Sept.  As Julian Davies, the resident curator at The Left Hand says of relief prints, “Once something is sliced away it cannot be put back. This is way of making pictures that asks for daring and imagination.” So the antithesis of a chalkboard really.




pic of the day

March 23, 2012


Self Portrait at Warri Reserve, Shoalhaven River near Braidwood NSW.   I’m camped here on the lovely Shoalhaven ready for a dash into Canberra in the morning.  I do love autumn in this part of Australia, and especially on a day like today when a big cold front pushes through and the air turns cold and clear.  It is after sunset now, the big white gums are splendid against the violet sky, the wind has eased but still quite breezy and turning cold.  The sky is clear here, but low clouds loiter on the mountains to the south.

monotypes at The Left Hand

August 24, 2011

A little interruption to my Marin musings to let you know that I’ll have work in a show which opens this week in the Canberra region.  The Left Hand is a great little gallery in Braidwood, NSW, where the art is always interesting and the people friendly.  Alone off the Press is an exhibition of monotypes – one off images made through printmaking processes.  With a wide variety of artists including monotype specialists, and printmakers who mostly make editioned prints but sometimes employ the monotype, there should be plenty of variety in approach to this oft under represented medium.  Also in the gallery, will be Flipping Books, a show of artist’s flip books, so definitely something for everyone!

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