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River sculpture

May 26, 2009

I’ve been meaning for some time now to add in some more links to other artists.  Well today I received a comment from Albertus Gorman, otherwise known as artist at exit 0.  His wordpress blog has had me chortling away – I just want to see more and more.  But I made myself stop rushing through the old posts, I want to slow down and consider them more carefully when I have more time (I’m supposed to be preparing a seminar for tomorrow).  Among other things, he makes sculptural figures and wildlife from the flotsam deposited on the banks of the Ohio River.  And what an interesting River it seems to be!    The stories that go with these whimsical creatures are great too.  If you have a look at his site I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

moon rise

May 25, 2009


moonrise over Lake Burley Griffin – taken a couple of weeks back.

pic of the day

March 31, 2009


pic of the day

January 6, 2009


playing with acorns

January 5, 2009

I was out poking about in some semi-abandoned parkland near the lake recently (as you do) and started playing with the acorns. The caps in particular attract my attention. Just picking some up puts you in a bit of a playful mood. Is that because of cultural memory of acorn caps as fairy hats in children’s stories? The shape and form are certainly evocative of human craftsmanship in miniature – like a wood-turned bowl.

Then there is the binary – you see I seem to like anything that encapsulates a neat little binary – like the ‘black and white’ post a few days back. Perhaps a little more subtle in an acorn cap – but I think that any sort of vessel like form always has an element of inside/outside about it, and this is reinforced by the contrasting rough and smooth surfaces. The lightness of them is so satisfying too. They are woody in feel but so finely ‘made’ that they are very light. I guess that’s what made me want to float them.




While I am writing I’m thinking more about fineness and lightness and I think that might be at the crux of why I enjoy acorn caps. I am realizing that I am often attracted to things with these characteristics. When I was making lots of handmade paper years ago, it was always the thinnest possible paper that I was trying to achieve. Same as when I did ceramics – If I was doing bowls or something I would always be trying to make them quite thin – though my abilities and experience with ceramics usually wasn’t quite up to it so most of them collapsed in on themselves.

In my printmaking too, the marks I make tend towards the fine rather than the bold within the range of possibilities for the particular method being used at the time. Well enough of my introspective rambling, back to acorns. While the cap intrigues me most, the seed itself has it’s own joys and possibilities.


And if you love acorns too, then check out this beautiful little craft item.

pic of the day

January 3, 2009


pic of the day

June 26, 2008

still a day behind – this is from walking home yesterday (with a flat on the bike)

pic of the day

June 22, 2008

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