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the eye

March 31, 2013


I came across this delightful feature in a small creek in Royal National Park recently, just upstream from my camp.  Royal is on the outskirts of Sydney and is Australias oldest, and the worlds second oldest National Park.  With that deliciously dark hole, it will definitely be making an appearance in some prints sometime soon.  I’ve been thinking of it as The Eye.


sands of Gordon’s Bay

May 4, 2009


caution – art ahead ?

April 22, 2009


Noticed this tree near central station.  Seems like someone decided this low branch was a danger to public safety and wrapped it in warning tape.  I think it qualifies as ‘found art’ (and I’m fairly sure it wasn’t intended as art?).  Maybe I should get me some more red and white tape and finish the rest of the tree.

camelia man

April 21, 2009

Been up and down to sydney a bit lately, and doing quite a bit of walking around the city and the eastern suburbs – where this little camelia man materialized.  The question is, why are there so many types of flower that are pink?  Seemed to suit that part of Randwick anyway.


art out and about in Sydney

August 5, 2008

I was up in Sydney to check out some more offerings from the Biennale, but found some time to do some art out and about while I was there.  Perhaps I was inspired into action by the graffiti-like chalk works of Dan Perjovschi, which fill the voids on the facade of the Art Gallery of NSW, where long ago envisaged bas reliefs never came to completion.  Not a lot of intact autumn leaves were left blowing about to trace, but there were a few, including these couple.

I continued tracing and filling the shape of the odd leaf here and there as I walked through town.  I didn’t get the impression that any of the many passers by were paying the slightest attention to me or the drawings.  Perhaps Sydney people are too busy for that – or they have just trained themselves not to make any eye contact with nutters on the street! I did a whole collection of white leaf tracings further down near Circular Quay, but it was getting a bit dark for photography by then.  Passed by again two days later, but the area had been swept and cleaned.  A faint trace of the chalk remained – but none of the leaves or rubbish.  Thus is the nature of ephemeral work.  The red tracings were still quite prominent though – they had been drawn on wet pavement so had a good dense covering of chalk.

Meanwhile a little re-arranging of fallen male cones, in this case from a Queensland Kauri Pine (Agathis robusta) in the Domain.  Not entirely sure what this type of work is about yet, maybe nothing more than delighting in the grub-like shape of these little objects.

Sydney Biennale

July 31, 2008

Today’s pic of the day is from Cockatoo Island – the feature venue of the Sydney Biennale on at the moment.  The island is the largest in Sydney harbour and is one big derelict industrial site and prison. A fantastic venue for showing contemporary art – though the scale of the site and the charged beauty of the grungy old buildings threatens to steal the show.

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