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I love living in Bunya Pine country

January 10, 2013



I have been so enjoying the views from my new studio in the Mary River Valley area of SE Qld, including this shot of the valley below and the forested hills opposite.  Most of all I’m enjoying living in Bunya country.  No doubt I will soon write more about the extraordinary Bunya Pine.


June 24, 2012

I thought it was time I shared a few photo’s of the Artist in Residence studio here at Fiskars – in the basement of the apartment.  It is sparsely appointed, but I’ve got it looking productively messy, and the school’s etching press that happens to be being stored in the back room at the moment is getting a workout.  Finally a look back out the door and down the hill, past the SIWA (small grocery store) and to the new carpark.  From my desk I can watch the constant too-ing and fro-ing of locals going to SIWA, and the tourists and visitors crossing the market from their cars to the craft shops and galleries.  For a town with 600 residents it manages to feel quite busy.



four weeks already

September 1, 2011

Today marks the four week mark, here at the JB Blunk residency, and I’m feeling very much settled in.  Not going to write a long post here today, but I’ve just posted some photos of work in progress to the residency blog here.  I’ll be posting to the residency blog as well as here over the next month.  Be sure to check out the older posts as well where you will see images of previous artists work as well as photos of the house and environs.

This is the wood workshop next to the studio.  On the table is a series of slices of thick pine bark, being prepared for printing from.

first prints

August 14, 2011

Just in case anyone thinks I’m just hiking the hills and not doing any work at all, here are a few pics from the first days experiments with printing from some of the redly available natural materials that have come to hand so far.

The obvious first place to start seemed to be to mount a sample of Bishop Pine, Pinus muricata, to begin a new ‘sequence book’.  Bishop Pine is one of the main trees in the immediate vicinity and has a restricted range – including here on the Point Reyes Peninsular, and in Baja California, Mexico.  Of course these two locations lie on opposite sides of the San Andreas Fault and were once connected!

California Bay, Umbellularia californica,  is another common species here, growing quite large in the temperate rainforest which forms a mosaic of vegetation types with the rainforest and the pine forest sometimes being quite distinct, and sometimes intermingling somewhat.  Largely to do with fire history I expect.

This piece is printed from a cross section of a large piece of bark.  Probably from a Redwood, but I’ll leave them for another day.

To finish, the view from my printing spot in the studio (note the garden produce by the door, brought to me by my neighbour Rufus).

I’m off to California (but not yet)

September 29, 2010

The good news keeps coming. I’ve just been selected, along with three other artists, for the J.B. Blunk residency in Inverness, Northern California. About an hour and a half (by car) north from San Francisco apparently. I will have two months to live and work at the home and studio built by the late sculptor J.B. Blunk, set amongst nature reserves and hills. It looks fabulous. Plenty of pics and other information is on the residency web site. I will be there in August and September, 2011, so plenty of time yet to organise some other activities as well while I am over there. There seems to be plenty of interesting arts projects and organisations in the San Francisco area so I’m going to try and spend some time there too. Of course I can’t stop researching the area now and checking it out on google maps. Very excited to realise I’ll be seeing Redwood trees! (Look here for some great pictures of Redwoods – especially if you follow the links to trails at the bottom of the page – the closest to the residency is probably “Roy’s Redwoods”). As it happens there has been a poster of a Redwood from National Geographic magazine pinned to my studio wall for the last six months or so – fate perhaps.  I’ve stitched up a photo of my studio wall, with the Redwood poster on the far left.

studio stencil

March 9, 2010

I made this paper cut out life-size figure a while back to assist in installing a wall piece in the M16 gallery. I stuck it up in the studio to keep it and have been enjoying the presence it has against the grimy old cupboards.  M16 is an artist run space in Canberra where I have rented studio space since 2005, and if you check out the M16 website in the next week or so you will see that one of my mushroom prints is being used to promote the studio tenent’s show which is on at the moment.  Meanwhile I am working hard at producing some new work for a group show called systematic opening March 25.

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