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library sticks

September 16, 2010

I was walking past the National Library recently when I saw a pile of sticks – I think maybe the parks workers had been preparing to mow the grass – but hadn’t gotten beyond collecting the sticks.  It was Sunday, it was sunny, I was on my way somewhere but it wasn’t urgent, so I thought I’d better do something with that pile of sticks.   A woven  tent-like structure is what emerged.



stick dome

August 4, 2010

I found this wonderful land art construction on a recent walk in Canberra Nature Park. It is quite large and sturdily made. I’ve no idea who by – I’ve asked a couple of people I know who I thought were possible candidates, but no. The partial dome, made entirely of Eucalypt sticks, is sited amongst the branches of a large fallen tree. This area, at the base of Mt. Majura, has a lot of dead trees through it. Big old Eucalypts. I suspect years of over grazing, first by sheep and more recently by kangaroos and rabbits, has left the soil compacted and less able to absorb moisture. With prolonged drought over the last 10 years, even these hardy native trees have succumbed.

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