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beans out and about

September 14, 2008

shadow drawings

July 31, 2008

Did some shadow tracings in chalk today.  Firstly the bare branches of an oak tree on the curved wall on University Ave.  It was sunny and warmish today so I began to think of the arrival of spring and added some nice green leaves.  A playful fond memory here in the middle of winter.

Followed by a tracing of the shadows of the main trunk and branches on the ground.  With both of these works and with other shadow tracings I have done before, it is always surprising just how quickly the shadows move.  By the time the drawing is finished the first parts are already way out of alignment, so the drawing can never perfectly replicate the shape of the shadow at any one time.  Then of course there are clouds.  An annoyance when the shadow disappears and thus interrupts the drawing time, but great for photographing the finished work with the “source” now removed.

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