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public art ?

March 1, 2010

Does anyone know anything about this large “sculpture”?  It appears to be a piece of public art, though it looks more like it might have been designed by an engineer rather than an artist.  What makes it remarkable is the unexpected location, in the middle of nowhere beside a minor road. (Wilson Drive between Hill Top and Buxton to be precise).  There is a spot where a plaque was once attached, but that is no help to me now.  Embedded in the concrete are the letters SJE, the makers signature perhaps.

River sculpture

May 26, 2009

I’ve been meaning for some time now to add in some more links to other artists.  Well today I received a comment from Albertus Gorman, otherwise known as artist at exit 0.  His wordpress blog has had me chortling away – I just want to see more and more.  But I made myself stop rushing through the old posts, I want to slow down and consider them more carefully when I have more time (I’m supposed to be preparing a seminar for tomorrow).  Among other things, he makes sculptural figures and wildlife from the flotsam deposited on the banks of the Ohio River.  And what an interesting River it seems to be!    The stories that go with these whimsical creatures are great too.  If you have a look at his site I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

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