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art out and about in Sydney

August 5, 2008

I was up in Sydney to check out some more offerings from the Biennale, but found some time to do some art out and about while I was there.  Perhaps I was inspired into action by the graffiti-like chalk works of Dan Perjovschi, which fill the voids on the facade of the Art Gallery of NSW, where long ago envisaged bas reliefs never came to completion.  Not a lot of intact autumn leaves were left blowing about to trace, but there were a few, including these couple.

I continued tracing and filling the shape of the odd leaf here and there as I walked through town.  I didn’t get the impression that any of the many passers by were paying the slightest attention to me or the drawings.  Perhaps Sydney people are too busy for that – or they have just trained themselves not to make any eye contact with nutters on the street! I did a whole collection of white leaf tracings further down near Circular Quay, but it was getting a bit dark for photography by then.  Passed by again two days later, but the area had been swept and cleaned.  A faint trace of the chalk remained – but none of the leaves or rubbish.  Thus is the nature of ephemeral work.  The red tracings were still quite prominent though – they had been drawn on wet pavement so had a good dense covering of chalk.

Meanwhile a little re-arranging of fallen male cones, in this case from a Queensland Kauri Pine (Agathis robusta) in the Domain.  Not entirely sure what this type of work is about yet, maybe nothing more than delighting in the grub-like shape of these little objects.

semester II begins

July 26, 2008

A new semester started this week and to get things moving, part of the set drawing program is to do a drawing a day.  Thought about doing this many times, but it can be tough on the self motivation skills to get the habit established – and I never have managed.  So having it a set part of the course will be great because I will do it.  I don’t plan to put them all up here but here is yesterdays.  Graphite pencil on pine veneer, and a feather.

A simple little drawing, but I found it rather interesting the way in which it developed.  Found a strip of pine veneer during a  workshop tidy up.  I rather like bits of wood so I claimed it.  At the same time I noticed a feather on the floor – quite how it came to be there I don’t know.  The last couple of months whenever I see a feather on the ground I photograph it, and I’m on the lookout for them now.  Usually I leave them there but this one I picked up.  So then I was playing around arranging the black feather and the light strip of wood spatially on the wall and this is the arrangement I settled on – for no conscious reason.  Then I came to thinking about the days drawing and it seemed obvious to do it on the pine veneer, and of course the obvious thing to draw on it was a pine tree – both because of the material and because it has been a subject I have been using lately and there were photos and prints of pines right there on my desk to refer to.

Now what I find interesting is that having completed the drawing in this seemingly playful, ad hoc sort of way, I realised its relationships to works by Anselm Kiefer that I have looked at before and which turned up in a theory class the day before.

Untitled 1996 Anselm Kiefer

This is the image shown to me this week, but there is another one that I can’t find at the moment where instead of giant sunflowers, withering and bent but full of dark ripe seed,  seeming to grow from the prostrate man, there is a young pine tree.

Time I got off here and did todays drawing.

Untitled, 1996
Anselm Kiefer (GeUnrman, b. 1U945)
Woodcut, shellac, and acrylic on paper, mounUntitlested on canvas; 11 ft. 11 1/4 in. x 8 ft. 1/2 in. (3.6 x 2.4 m)

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