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the creative face of New Zealand

March 29, 2012


I haven’t shared many images from my recent travels in New Zealand – and there are plenty that fit into the eclectic parameters of Art out and About.  Like these delightfully modernist faces painted onto the cross sections where branches have been pruned off trees.  Like so much of this type of creative output, they were in something of a random spot.  Just a bit of a track beside the road where I decided to stop and take a few photos of the coastline, and I was rewarded with these faces.  I don’t remember a name for where it was, but it was just south of Dunedin.  I found many such traces of creative activity out and about in New Zealand, and often having taken on a greater significance when subsequent travellers (for it seemed like it was mostly travellers out on the roads in the South Island) would take their cue from an existing creative work of some kind and repeat it so the motif was displayed on mass.  Perhaps this will all make more sense as I share some more in future posts.  For now I hope you enjoy these faces of perhaps ambiguous expression.


found art – crochet

March 4, 2012

Found this delightfully low key installation on Noosa’s Hastings Street recently.  The ye olde charm of the crotchet doilies contrasted nicely with the bling and commercialism of Hastings Street, while the off-white palette was very much in keeping with the dominant fashions of the local ladies.  Multi coloured Guerrilla Knitting just wouldn’t do for Hastings Street.  If you haven’t heard of guerilla knitting, than please do check out the link – you’ll be astounded!  It’s an ever growing movement sweeping the world, and if you keep your eye’s open there is plenty of it about.

This is a more typical Guerrilla Knit installation – this one found outside the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, New Zealand.

For yet another variation of fibre enhancements of public space, this fence had dozens of these small wool wrappings inserted.  The variations suggested many different makers, but I don’t know if it was the outcome of some organised event, or an accumulation of later passersby deciding to add in response after one persons initial incursion on the dreary site.


December 26, 2011

I couldn’t resist getting a snapshot of this rather overdressed (for the beach) man as he clambered on the rocks.    There was something dramatic about the silhouetted figure against the bright seascape, dark overcoat flapping in the wind.  Then I realised why the scene, as unusual as it was, seemed familiar.  Nearly three years ago now I posted an image of an old favourite, The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog by Casper David Friedrich.  As well as the original, it’s an image that is often referenced or parodied as well.  A google image search for the title brings up plenty of contemporary examples.

These aren’t your average rocks of course.  They are the Moeraki Boulders, on Koekohe Beach near Moeraki on New Zealand’s Otago coast.  One of the famous boulders seemed particularly happy that day.

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