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Fog and Fault Lines

July 22, 2012

Tomales Bay, relief print, Peter McLean, 2011

The Great Northern adventure is not quite finished (a few days left in Helsinki), but it is time to cast my mind back to California as I will be showing the work created there last year at Fog and Fault Lines, a new exhibition at Megalo Print Studio and Gallery in Canberra.  I was invited to participate in the JB Blunk Residency by the Lucid Art Foundation, located in Inverness, West Marin, and spent two productive months there.   Actually, I often cast my mind back to California, and Inverness in particular.  I felt so at home there, like that place and I were really beginning to understand each other, especially the hills and forest around JB’s very special house.  The prints and drawings that will be shown in Megalo’s gallery still make me feel like I am looking into the eyes of the spirits of the land, speaking to me with a voice I can’t quite understand.

The show will be opening on August 2 at 6pm and will run until August 18.  Megalo is at 49 Phillip Avenue, Watson, ACT, Australia and is open Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am – 5.00pm.


I’m off to California (but not yet)

September 29, 2010

The good news keeps coming. I’ve just been selected, along with three other artists, for the J.B. Blunk residency in Inverness, Northern California. About an hour and a half (by car) north from San Francisco apparently. I will have two months to live and work at the home and studio built by the late sculptor J.B. Blunk, set amongst nature reserves and hills. It looks fabulous. Plenty of pics and other information is on the residency web site. I will be there in August and September, 2011, so plenty of time yet to organise some other activities as well while I am over there. There seems to be plenty of interesting arts projects and organisations in the San Francisco area so I’m going to try and spend some time there too. Of course I can’t stop researching the area now and checking it out on google maps. Very excited to realise I’ll be seeing Redwood trees! (Look here for some great pictures of Redwoods – especially if you follow the links to trails at the bottom of the page – the closest to the residency is probably “Roy’s Redwoods”). As it happens there has been a poster of a Redwood from National Geographic magazine pinned to my studio wall for the last six months or so – fate perhaps.  I’ve stitched up a photo of my studio wall, with the Redwood poster on the far left.

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