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four feet

June 7, 2012

Four feet, my new blog in collaboration with David Wills for our residency in Finland, is developing nicely.  Loving how the colours interact in the shifting grid format as new posts are added.


June 5, 2012

I collected this new cone from a Norway Spruce tree (Picea abies) on the walk to Pohja, the next town.  I knew it was Spruce, because Fiskars has a tree species trail with examples of all the common species of the area signed with numbers which correspond to a companion brochure, (in English, Finnish, and Swedish) so I’ve been trying to learn to recognise them all.


Sometimes the ex-botanist in me comes to the fore again, and I like to make drawings in a sciency mode – not that I have really followed the rules of proper scientific drawing, but the labels made with my new rubber stamp kit lend an air of formality.  Interesting how closely the colour of the spruce cone matches the deep red of most of the timber buildings here in Fiskars, including all the houses.

pic of the day

June 4, 2012


Green can be a bit intense in Finland.

pic of the day

June 2, 2012

hello Fiskars

June 1, 2012

This is my new home for the next month, the artist in residence house in the artist’s village of Fiskars in Finland.  Yes Finland!  I’ve just arrived and still feeling a little unsteady on my feet after the long flights etc, but keen to get out and explore what promises to be beautiful surroundings.  In the meantime, have a look at, our hosts the Artisans, Designers and Artists Cooperative of Fiskars.

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