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street fossils

February 7, 2012



I came across a whole bunch of concrete fossils recently, on a wet day in Noosaville.  You know, concrete fossils, those special places in the suburban landscape where traces of leaves and other life has been recorded in the man made lithosphere.  It cheers me just a little that urban man’s efforts at dead, uniform, cheerless surfaces can sometimes be subverted by something as simple as leaves falling on wet concrete.  In this case they were the leaves of Paperbark (Melalueca quinquenervia) which had left their imprint on a meandering footpath in this holiday apartment filled former wetland.


October 27, 2008

I’m still photographing any feathers I see fallen on the ground. This one is from a Galah (a type of parrot). So why feathers? What’s that supposed to mean. The word ‘fallen’ says it all really. In a way feathers can have a related symbolism to bones, though perhaps not so immediately implying death. There is certainly a melancholy to a fallen feather though. The possibility of autonomous flight has fascinated people for ages – and such a powerful ability relies on these delicate fragile objects that occasionally fall to the ground, where they sit displaying their delicate beauty – until the next rain.

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