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cork oak camping

May 26, 2009


Camping in the cork oak plantation recently – I do always find this place rather special, and it was great to be there in the evening and early morning.  I did some drawings, and also a scroll of ink rubbings from the many cut stumps where trees have been cut out for some reason.  Rubbings are a major part of my work at the moment – particularly of tree stumps and stems.  I like the directness of a rubbing – gives a direct recording of the actual shape, size and texture of the object, but also turns it into an ‘image’.


pic of the day

June 21, 2008

Here is the first pic of the day – they probably wont come every day, but hopefully a few a week at least – and then I’m sure some days I’ll squeeze in more that one too.

Went looking in the cork oak plantation for some mushrooms – and found this little chap.  Going to do some mushroom prints, more on that later.

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