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island engraving

June 22, 2012

Eye Island, wood engraving,Peter McLean, 2012

This is the second of the wood engravings I have made in Fiskars, Finland.  A group of nearby lakes forms the shape of an eye on the map, and is my favourite area to go walking.  On my first visit there I was entranced by the light shinning behind this little tree filled islet.  Placing the image in the centre of this elliptical block of apple wood, the whole image has become rather eye-like.

I also posted a photo of this little island a while back on Four Feetour blog about the Fiskars Residency.

engraving on apple wood

June 18, 2012

wood engraving, Peter McLean, 2012

After some initial trouble getting hold of some suitable ink, I’ve finally been getting into some printmaking.  First off I edditioned this small engraving I did on some apple wood left by the previous artist in residence.  By traditional criteria, the apple turned out not to be ideal for engraving.  While it is reasonably hard, the grain is certainly not uniform, with rings of softer wood containing minute pits.  Perhaps this is the rapid spring growth.  The end result though, is quite pleasing.  The pits are just big enough to show up as lighter rings in the print, but not so much as to overly distract from the image, and I had made sure that the focal point of the image was at the centre f the growth rings so the two patterns would be working together rather than against each other.


Of course seeing how those growth rings show up, I also did some printing of other pieces that had been sanded smooth, but not yet engraved.  I felt like turning these into something more than the simple cross section, even though that is nice, and they became a little text piece.


Apple, relief print, Peter McLean, 2012

camping under the apple tree

April 27, 2009
camping under the apple tree

camping under the apple tree

I’ve been doing some camping lately.  No surprise to anyone who knows me.  Thing is, I’ve been camping in some unexpected places.  Instead of the usual ‘in the middle of no where’ places out in the mountains, I’ve been becoming more acquainted with some areas on the suburban fringes.  Of course there is nothing like camping on your own to promote a bit of philosophical thinking.  Something happens to a site when you camp there.  That is, something happens to your relationship to it.  Camping in a place is like enacting a ritual.  You bring your well worn familiar equipment with you, and repeat the familiar actions of setting up camp, preparing meals etc in this new location.  By the time you enact the ritual of repacking to leave, the site has become special to you.  It is a site you have occupied, a site that has sheltered you through another night.  Your relationship with that site is shared with the other unknown people who have camped there before you, and thus you have some sort of relationship with them also.  I want to find a way of incorporating this sense of camping as ritual occupation of space into my creative work.  Actually, for some time now I have been photographing my tent every time I camp somewhere, and this has become a sort of ritual recording, but I am thinking of something else – something more real?  Well for now this idea remains a work in progress. By the way, the apples were delicious.   Happy camping everyone.


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