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June 4, 2012


Green can be a bit intense in Finland.

pic of the day

June 2, 2012

pic of the day

March 23, 2012


Self Portrait at Warri Reserve, Shoalhaven River near Braidwood NSW.   I’m camped here on the lovely Shoalhaven ready for a dash into Canberra in the morning.  I do love autumn in this part of Australia, and especially on a day like today when a big cold front pushes through and the air turns cold and clear.  It is after sunset now, the big white gums are splendid against the violet sky, the wind has eased but still quite breezy and turning cold.  The sky is clear here, but low clouds loiter on the mountains to the south.

pic of the day

October 17, 2011

I’ve just come out of the backcountry of Yosemite National Park. This is Beuna Vista Lake, where I had a quick swim – very quick!

street art

October 10, 2011

I’ve been walking for days now, on a wandering path zig zagging the grid of San Francisco streets.  Couldn’t resist snapping this Herb Rits Poster found discarded on the street, even though it’s a little bit treading on turnstile’s territory.


forest tunnels

August 11, 2011

one little cloud just refused to agree with all the others

July 24, 2010

pic of the day

February 26, 2010

big puddle

February 14, 2010

I posted pictures just recently of a very dry Lake George. The pic above was taken yesterday, after Canberra recorded 104mm of rain over three days.  The last time Canberra got rain like that was 2002.  Still a long, long way to go before anything like a lake reappears, but after being dry for so long, this giant puddle was enough to attract a steady stream of motorists to the lookout.

pic of the day

January 31, 2010

Stone cairn on top of Mimosa Rock, Mimosa Rocks National Park, NSW

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