Bachelor of Science (Honours) University of Queensland


Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) Australian National University School of Art

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Fog and Fault-lines, Megalo Print Studio + Gallery, Canberra

2011  Preserverd Disintegrations, The Front Gallery, Canberra

2008 Solitary, Mimosa Gallery, Glen Innes, NSW

2006 Peter McLean Screenprints, Hyatt Hotel, Canberra

2005 Room to Move, Mimosa Gallery, Glen Innes, NSW

2002 Autumn/Winter, Mimosa Gallery, Glen Innes, NSW

2001 Dashed on the Rocks, Mapleton Artspace, Queensland

Group Exhibitions (selected)


BSG Work on Paper Prize, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria.

Golden Days, Glen Innes Art Gallery, Glen Innes, NSW.


CAPO Auction, National Archives, Canberra.

Manly Library Artists Book Awards, Manly, NSW.

Alone Off The Press, The Left Hand Gallery, Braidwood, NSW


String Books, The Left Hand Gallery, Braidwood, NSW

Fremantle Arts Centre Print Awards, Fremantle, Western Australia

Loupe, Megalo Print Workshop, Canberra

Systematic, M16 Artspace, Canberra

Weereewa Works on Paper Prize, KikuArts Gallery, Bungendore.


ANU School of Art Graduate Exhibition

Presence and Contemplation, M16 Artspace, Canberra

Light Industrial, M16 Artspace, Canberra


ANU School of Art Graduate Exhibition.

M16 Drawing Prize – joint winner.


M16 Drawing Prize, M16 Artspace, Canberra


Recent Acquisitions: photographs and prints, Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery, NSW.

Under Urban Influence, Mimosa Gallery, Glen Innes, NSW.


Megalo member’s exhibition, Megalo Print Workshop, Canberra.

CPM National Print Awards, Murwillumbah, NSW.

Primary Connections, McTaggart House, Toowoomba, Qld.


Contemporaries, Glen Innes Art Gallery, Glen Innes, NSW.

Bush and Beach, Mimosa Gallery, Glen Innes NSW.


Waste →Art & Design Competition, Finalists. Toured Regional NSW.


What is a Print, Gallery of the Quebec Printmaking Council, Montreal, Canada.

Sewn, Bound & Flown, University of Wollongong, NSW.

Awards and Prizes


Artstart Grant, Australia Council for the Arts.

Fiskars Co-operative of Artists and Artisans Residency, Finland.


J. B. Blunk Residency, California, USA.


Weereewa Works on Paper Prize, First Prize

Feemantle Arts Centre Print Awards, Finalist


ANU Emerging Artist Support Scheme, Front Gallery Award

ANU Emerging Artist Support Scheme, Ampersand Duck Studio Residency


M16 Drawing Prize, Winner

Professional Experience

Megalo Print Studio, Canberra – Acting Press Studio Manager.

National Art School, Sydney – Sessional Lecturer

Australian National University School of Art – Sessional Lecturer

Megalo Print Workshop – Technical Assistant, Tutor

Hands On Studio – Tutor – Art classes for people with intellectual disabilities.

Public and Corporate Collections

State Library of Queensland

Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery, NSW


Lucid Art Foundation, California

Fiskars Co-operative of Artists and Artisans, Finland

Glen Innes Art Gallery, NSW


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Aless Says:

    I came across your site on google by typin in leaves and art, your work is exactly what i was looking for as inspiration. Do you mind me making reference to you in my work? I am studying fine art at uni and your work is very relavant to what i’m doing. May i also ask you why it is you have chosen a human figure silohette to draw/create every time?

    Thanks again for the inspiring images

  2. Pete McLean Says:

    Thanks Aless, and yes of course you can reference my stuff.

    Why the silhouette? The silhouette represents myself, even though an audience might just see “a person” and that’s ok too. I think the art out and about works refer to the transience of all our lives (and possibly more widely of civilizations even). Just as the arrangement of leaves on the ground in a figure soon disintergrates as the wind blows, so my own body will one day disintergrate. I am also marking place. It is like a grafitee “I was here” but in a humble way, that does not permanently alter the place, and is soon gone in any case. This subtlety of marking place is important to me as I am deeply concerned about the way we use this earth.

    On a less serious level, figures are just fun. People easilly recognise and respond to figures or faces – no mater how abstracted. When I first started thinking about this work I was of course aware of Andy Goldsworthy, so I was looking for a new shape, rather than geometric forms that he (and others) often use, so I started using my silhouette.

    (sorry for rambling – graduation assesment is tommorrow so I have been thinking up all this stuff for weeks). Have you seen work by Hossein Valamanesh? Think you will find that interesting.

    what sort of work are you doing with leaves? Are there any images online?


  3. Lucretia Grant Says:

    Wow Peter!!!

    I love your blog. You’ve struck a nice balance between thought-provoking and playful. I particularly like your quirky photos. I’ll have to spend some time here and check out what you’ve been up to.

    Cheers Lucretia

  4. VJ Says:

    Your new look weblog is really impressive.

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