natural characters

‘Natural Characters’, Drypoint and Collograph in 32 parts, Davis Wills and Peter McLean, 2012.

It was a big push to get all our printing done on time, but we made it, and here is the final install of ‘Natural Characters’, our collaborative project of drypoint and collograph prints.  32 panels in all with each one 20×20 cm.

Sadly, today is the last day in the Artist in Residence house in Fiskars.  We had a lovely open studio/exhibition Friday night, and quite a few of the locals came along to see what we had been doing.  It turned into quite a late night with the grilling of moose sausages over a fire sometime around midnight.  Saturday was spent doing the things we’d been meaning to do for the month but had somehow missed, like the museum, the Desico candle shop, the Fiskars Company shop, and one last cinnamon bun with some of our new friends from Fiskars.


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2 Responses to “natural characters”

  1. artistatexit0 Says:

    My wife’s family are all of Finnish descent and keep in touch with their relatives in the old country. I’m surprised that your description of your studio didn’t include a sauna! Did you have that experience in addition to drinking a lot of coffee?

  2. Pete McLean Says:

    Hi Al – unfortunately the AIR house didn’t have it’s own sauna – but luckily there is the village sauna – a traditional smoke sauna that is heated at certain times by the people of the village, and I did get to enjoy that special experience – check back a few posts for pictures of the sauna building – Finished up the residency, and now arrived in Turku for a couple of days.

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