pavement graffiti

Those who have been following this blog since its early days in 2008, or who have trawled through the archives, will know that my focus sometimes shifts away from the printed image on the page, or the joys of being in the landscape, to be drawn instead to the urban pavement.  In particular, those pavements that are semiotically active.  I received a message today from someone describing herself as a pavement fancier, with similar interests.  Now how could that not pique your interest – a pavement fancier.  On visiting the Pavement Graffiti blog, I quickly realised what a rich seam of social study the pavement can be in the hands of  a dedicated researcher.  Go check it out and I promise, you’ll find there is more to the pavement than you ever expected.  The image above comes from Pavement Graffiti’s travels in Vancouver (click on the image to go to the original post).

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