found art – crochet

Found this delightfully low key installation on Noosa’s Hastings Street recently.  The ye olde charm of the crotchet doilies contrasted nicely with the bling and commercialism of Hastings Street, while the off-white palette was very much in keeping with the dominant fashions of the local ladies.  Multi coloured Guerrilla Knitting just wouldn’t do for Hastings Street.  If you haven’t heard of guerilla knitting, than please do check out the link – you’ll be astounded!  It’s an ever growing movement sweeping the world, and if you keep your eye’s open there is plenty of it about.

This is a more typical Guerrilla Knit installation – this one found outside the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, New Zealand.

For yet another variation of fibre enhancements of public space, this fence had dozens of these small wool wrappings inserted.  The variations suggested many different makers, but I don’t know if it was the outcome of some organised event, or an accumulation of later passersby deciding to add in response after one persons initial incursion on the dreary site.

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One Response to “found art – crochet”

  1. Joy Window Says:

    We have some guerilla knitting in Lismore, northern NSW in Australia, too. It pops up all over the town centre occasionally.

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