Nattaginni Cottage, wood engraving, 10x12cm, Peter McLean, 2011

What a wonderful word is Nattaginni!  Just one little part of the remaining legacy of 40 000 years of culture in Australia.  Unfortunately, these days the word is a largely stranded remnant of the culture the produced it, but I’m glad the word at least lives on.  It lives on in the form of an alpaca farm of all things – Nattaginni Alpacas.  I was commissioned to make an image of this charming building.  Not the main house, but a second building on the farm, known as Nattaginni Cottage.  It wasn’t just a commission though, I had my own reasons for spending the time on this image.  The ‘client’ is a great mate, and I had enjoyed staying at Nattaginni on numerous occasions while he lived there in the cottage with his family.  I worked from photographs he sent me for the cottage and it’s garden.  I was keen to place the cottage in it’s broader environment, since it was so nice to spend time on the back verandah, watching the cows roam the green hills, flanked by Bunya peppered rainforest remnants as the tropical heat makes big white cumulus rise above the horizon.  (Bunya – now there’s another good word.)  Just as well I’d made some small sketches on one of those occasions, so I had that to refer to in order to create the background.  I printed ‘Nattaginni Cottage’ at Megalo Print Studio on Kozo extra light paper from a commercial maple block.


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