Posts have become sparse lately, a symptom of having too much fun travelling and exploring.  Recent weeks have allowed the resumption of an ongoing project that has been latent for too long.  Whenever I camp, I take a photo of  my tent to represent each nights camp.  Just now I am wondering if this project has a title?  I haven’t considered it before, since so far it hasn’t had any physical outcome, just a growing file of photo’s to be used for something one day.  They are closely tied to some past drawings titled ‘sites of occupation’ which also documented camping sites, so perhaps it is part of a larger project under that banner.  Like much of what I do, these photo’s, taken as a set, contain interesting binaries.  In this case, the consistency of my familiar* set of camp equipment contrasts with the changing locations and my old theme of Nature/Culture is there too of course.  So, as I sit in the Auckland Library, having just arrived in New Zealand, here is the USA subset of tent photo’s.


(*those few readers who are very familiar with my two old tents may have noticed I have splurged on a new one! A two man ultralight from Big Agnus with a sagebush coloured fly.  The orange tent belongs to my fellow traveller for part of the way)

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2 Responses to “site”

  1. artistatexit0 Says:

    I like this idea of a collection of encampment photos and it’s nice to see where they have been set up. I have a small collection of old camp fire images from the Falls that I may post soon. Do your images include the fire pit too?

  2. Pete McLean Says:

    Hi Al

    I do often photograph firepits – either mine, or found ones, but the ‘official’ tent photo is usually whatever angle seems to best capture the feel of the site, while also showing the whole tent, reasonably close up. It’s always a conmpromise, and often in low light since it is late evening or early morning. So I guess no, the ‘tent photo’ doesn’t usually include the fire pit – that would be too many varriables to try and juggle.

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