11 x 11

One project that I undertook during the JB Blunk Residency, was to make a print for a print exchange run by the Printmaking Centre of New Jersey.  The theme for the exchange was 11 x 11, and so I let that rattle around my sub-conscious for a few weeks before I came up with something.  With the influence of JB’s wall made of ‘scrap’ pieces, and the bedhead of similar aesthetic, I decided to fit eleven wood scraps into an 11 inch square as tightly as I could, and construct a printing block from that.  Of course, being found scraps they were all different thickness and far from flat, so making a flat printable surface was a bit of a challenge (which was not 100% achieved and so printing was a challenge too – but it got there).  With the inspiration of this work being so closely linked to the house itself, I chose it as the piece to leave in the house when I left for the last time yesterday.

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2 Responses to “11 x 11”

  1. vee jay ross Says:

    I really like this print…and all made from scrapsmakes it more interesting…..thanks for the photos showing how you achieved a level surface,…..inspiring Vee Jay

  2. artistatexit0 Says:

    Nice print to leave behind as a souvenir of your experiences. Will you be returning home immediately or travel a bit more?

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