first prints

Just in case anyone thinks I’m just hiking the hills and not doing any work at all, here are a few pics from the first days experiments with printing from some of the redly available natural materials that have come to hand so far.

The obvious first place to start seemed to be to mount a sample of Bishop Pine, Pinus muricata, to begin a new ‘sequence book’.  Bishop Pine is one of the main trees in the immediate vicinity and has a restricted range – including here on the Point Reyes Peninsular, and in Baja California, Mexico.  Of course these two locations lie on opposite sides of the San Andreas Fault and were once connected!

California Bay, Umbellularia californica,  is another common species here, growing quite large in the temperate rainforest which forms a mosaic of vegetation types with the rainforest and the pine forest sometimes being quite distinct, and sometimes intermingling somewhat.  Largely to do with fire history I expect.

This piece is printed from a cross section of a large piece of bark.  Probably from a Redwood, but I’ll leave them for another day.

To finish, the view from my printing spot in the studio (note the garden produce by the door, brought to me by my neighbour Rufus).

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4 Responses to “first prints”

  1. artistatexit0 Says:

    Pete, are you using water-based inks for these prints?

  2. Pete McLean Says:

    Hey Al, hope your recovery is still going well. I’ve been using an etching ink called Portland Stiff (Gambin brand) and applied quite thinly. It’s not ideal, a bit chalky. I’m used to using a lithography ink, but the art store I went into for supplies didn’t have any.

  3. gonerustic Says:

    Really love the spontaneity of your nature prints … just printing with what is at hand =D

  4. Pete McLean Says:

    Thanks gone rustic, I enjoyed your blog too.

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