lakeside leaf man

It’s been a beautiful autumn in Canberra and this day was one of the best, so I had a ride around the lake, got mesmerized by the glowing Beech trees, and made a little leaf man in a quiet spot by the lake.


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2 Responses to “lakeside leaf man”

  1. artistatexit0 Says:

    Love the impression the glowing beech trees make. Sitting where I am it’s a bit odd thinking that it’s autumn in Australia. I guess you will touch upon this season twice this year? Is your residency in California still on?

  2. Pete McLean Says:

    Thanks Al – yeah the residency is most definately still on – bought my ticket this week. It also struck me as I was taking that photo (and dozens of others like it that day) that I would soon be seeing similar sights in America, but there it will be native vegetation, where here trees like that are exotic imports associatied with urban or other highly altered landscapes. Indeed if I saw a glowing Beech tree in a native bushland setting here it would be considered an environmental weed. (I should say that the exception would be Tasmania, where there are native Nothofagus species that have bright autumn leaves). I think Autumn is my favourite season, so I will enjoy having two this year.

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