Peter McLean, Skull, white ink on paper, 2010

Still working with skull and bone images a lot lately, and enjoying using white media on black paper.  Using black Hahnemuhle which is strong, soft and deeply black – beautiful.  I’m especially enjoying what white ink will do on it.  I just love the way the pigments in the ink form a reticulated pattern as it dries, or when it moves slowly across a surface.  Reminds me that this isn’t just some abstract process of human mind and hand forming an image – I could never create the beauty of the reticulation by conscious decision – this comes about because of the physical properties of the material itself, reminding me of countless patterns seen in nature created by the interaction of particle and flow.


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3 Responses to “reticulation”

  1. al Says:

    I really like that Pete. In fact I liked it so much I copied and sent it to all my work colleagues. What a great medium for skulls and bones. Would also work for sun bleached dead trees. How about those forests of snow gums killed by the 2003? bushfires on a full moon.

  2. Pete McLean Says:

    Spoken like a true romantic Al – or maybe you haven’t managed to get out into the forest on a full moon lately – me either.

  3. artistatexit0 Says:

    I like your realization that your materials “create” their own reality. In this case, the reticulation suits the idea of skull with its bony sutures. Have a great year Pete…any other news on your art residency stateside?

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