Kangaroo jaw bone on the ground near Mt. Clear, Namadgi National Park, Australian Capitol Teritory.

‘Jaw Bone’, Wood engraving printed on Kozo Light paper.


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  1. Darcy Berg Says:

    I’m intrigued by bones and skulls. This appeals to me.

  2. artistatexit0 Says:

    Pete, what kind of wood are you using for your engravings? Is it a native species?

  3. Pete McLean Says:

    Hi Al, I’ve used a few different timbers for engraving on. Native (to Australia) Eucalypt timbers are suitably hard – though very prone to cracking (not always a bad thing) – and I have used them. The engraving on this post was made on Hawthorn. I collected some a couple of years ago from dead trees amongst a street planting in Canberra.

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