fitters workshop

Megalo Print Studio + Gallery is planning an exciting exhibition titled Print Big, to be held in the (former) Kingston Fitter’s Workshop to coincide with Materiality, seventh national print symposium hosted by the National Gallery of Australia. This historically significant industrial building is currently totally empty and largely unused. Beyond this temporary exhibition (16-17th October), there are discussions underway for this building to soon be the new home for Megalo. I made a wood engraving of the fitter’s workshop, which Megalo is using on some of the promotional material for Print Big – a little tongue in cheek since this print is 5x6cm. Rest assured the prints on show in the Fitter’s Workshop will be at the other end of the spectrum at up to 4.8 meters so definitely not a show to miss if you are in Canberra in October.

The Fitter's Workshop, wood engraving, Peter McLean, 2010

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