library sticks

I was walking past the National Library recently when I saw a pile of sticks – I think maybe the parks workers had been preparing to mow the grass – but hadn’t gotten beyond collecting the sticks.  It was Sunday, it was sunny, I was on my way somewhere but it wasn’t urgent, so I thought I’d better do something with that pile of sticks.   A woven  tent-like structure is what emerged.



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4 Responses to “library sticks”

  1. Artswebshow Says:

    Lol, that is well cool.
    I hope the staff appreciated it

  2. Darcy Berg Says:

    Very cool! and inspirational. I would have loved to be a casual observer as people walked by and looked at your installation.

  3. artistatexit0 Says:

    Nice piece…I like that it was somewhat impromptu. Did anybody watch you or want to participate?

  4. Pete McLean Says:

    It is ussually impromptu when I do this type of work, and lately I haven’t been doing so much because I’ve been not walking enough and therefore not stumbling accross the materials at the right time. Nobody really watched – despite being right next to the library it was kind of round the back and not really much of a throughfare – there were a few people who watched as they passed by – but at a safe distance.

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