new engravings

After a very busy month, I’ve finally had a run of a few days at home. Apart from a lot of gardening, I’ve also made a couple of new wood engravings. Firstly a tiny landscape carved on a small round of pear wood, about an inch across.

After that warm up, I moved onto something a little more ambitious. An image of an animal skull on a large round of hawthorn. The block is about 20cm long and the image itself about 10cm I guess. I’ve been carving it over the last few days and started proofing today. I’m still quite undecided how I want to print it for an edition. Printed as dense black, the engraved image looks great, but I think the shape of the block becomes too dominating, so I’ve been experimenting with lighter printing. Getting the balance right and the prints consistent will be something of a challenge though. Anyway, here’s some images.

wood engraving of scull from hawthorn block

Skull, wood engraving, Peter McLean 2010

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6 Responses to “new engravings”

  1. John Steins Says:

    It looks terrific. I wouldn’t worry about the shape of the block. The overall effect for me is that of a fossil.


  2. Pete McLean Says:

    Thanks John. As it happens I was looking at your site last night – I guess the wood engraving world is pretty small.


  3. artistatexit0 Says:

    I agree…the print looks great! I love that the shape of your block is irregular. Is your model a dog skull?

  4. Pete McLean Says:

    Not sure what animal the skull came from, found it out walking in the bush. It is only small, maybe three inches long so the engraving is aprox. 1:1 scale. Possibly a possum?

  5. darcy Says:

    I love your blog. Very inspirational! I look forward to more!

  6. Pete McLean Says:

    Thanks Darcy, I’ve been a bit inactive on the blogging front lately but I’ll be back into it again soon. Thanks again for your comment.

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