roadway leaf stencil


This image was taken on a pedestrian crossing in central Canberra.  A leaf must have been lying in the roadway when the markings for the pedestrian crossing were sprayed on.  Of course the paint stuck to the leaf and not the roadway, and now this durable stencil is left, so no matter the season, there is always at least one autumn leaf on the ground!

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3 Responses to “roadway leaf stencil”

  1. artistatexit0 Says:

    Pete, are you still out there or doing some type of “walkabout” I here folks in your area like to do?

  2. Pete McLean Says:

    No, not on walkabout at the moment – though I’d like to be. Haven’t been keeping up the blog lately, just because I’ve been busy with other stuff, concentrating more on works on paper recently rather than outdoor work and I have to admit, lost momentum somewhat on the blog. I’ll try to get things going again in the new year. I’ve finished my study this year, and also moved to a new town, so new places to explore which will be fun.

  3. artistatexit0 Says:

    I may never make it to Australia, so what you discover about your new town will be interesting to me. Congrats on finishing your studies!

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