new mushroom prints

I started doing some mushroom prints again this week, and I think it is time they became properly a part of my finished work, instead of just something I play with.  I was thinking before that I had to turn them ‘into’ something, but with the way that I am working at the moment, maybe I don’t have to.  They can be presented just as they are, a visual record of a natural phenomena.  Plus they are circles! (more or less).


This one is particularly beautiful with it’s soft swirls. Must be very small spores indeed.

These recent prints have a particularly strong contrast between the fluid outer shape and the more sharply defined black hole in the centre which shows where the cut stem of the mushroom was.  They reminded me of satalite images of  arctic sea ice. There is always a black circle over the pole because the satellites orbit around but don’t actually cross the pole. A blind spot in the data.

arctic.seaice.bandw.000The sea ice image is updated every few days, along with other similar images and graphs on a site called Cryosphere Today.  Have a look if you have an interest in what’s happening in the earths polar regions.  I look at it every fey days, but some would call me obsessive.


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2 Responses to “new mushroom prints”

  1. artistatexit0 Says:

    That first print is a beauty. So how are you doing these? Are the mushroom spores white? It’s always amazing to see how the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm.

  2. Pete McLean Says:

    Have a look here and here for some more on mushroom prints. Essentially you just cut off the stem, place the mushroom gills down on the paper and cover with a bowl or something. It takes about 8-12 hours for the spores to drop out and deposite on the paper. In this case the spores were a creamy colour – as you see them in the photo – done onto black paper. It varies with the species, with some white or yellowy and some black or brown. It’s been raining a bit the last few days, so hopefully a bit of mushroom printing comming up!

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