fruit circle


I’m into circles at the moment.  Why are so many artists into circles?  The simplest possible shape perhaps?  For my current work on paper, circular shapes refer to certain natural elements of the landscape, but more of that in another post.  For my art out and about work, circles take on a different meaning.  I think of them as having a ritual or mystical function – like ancient stone circles, or modern crop circles.  I made a big leaf circle yesterday, but didn’t have a camera.  someone else is or has made ground circles about here too.  I found a big circle of stones on Black Mtn. a while ago, and then a small subtle one just near the art school (so probably a student responsible for that one).  Another more recent looking circle of stones surrounding a small outcropping of rock elsewhere on Black Mtn.  Is this just another one of those things some people are compelled to do, like making stacks of pebbles at the beach?


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