rendezvous creek


This is the track up the valley at Rendezvous Creek in Namadgi National Park.  Readers of this blog will be hearing a fair bit about this place over the next year as it will be the focus of this years projects.  I plan to set up camp deep in the valley, taking a range of art materials with me – exactly what work I’ll be aiming to do  I’m not sure yet – I’ll need to spend a bit of time up there first.  This photo was taken recently on a brief day trip – didn’t do any art work, just wanted to check things out.  What I saw certainly seemed positive.  The track is basic and sometimes a bit hard to follow, but quite ridable (I rode my bike through this open cleared area that makes up the first part of the track – but it could be cycled all the way).  Creek still had plenty of water – a lot of the creeks in this area are very unreliable in the summer but it seems like this one will be fine.  The creeks up there are too small for propper swimming holes – but I did manage to find some rocky cascades with a knee deep, bathtub sized pool ideal for a cooling dip – an essential amenity for camping in the summer.  Potential campsites a plenty and I think there will be plenty to inspire the creativity.

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