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Things have been rather quite on this blog recently – I have been busy with moving house and other such stuff of everyday life. Well I’ve gotten back into the frame of mind required for doing art out and about recently – though have still been a bit busy to do much. I have realised that there is a certain lifestyle element to this type of work. It simply does not happen unless I have the time to be doing a lot of walking around to be able to notice materials etc, but also need to have the flexibility of time to be able to stop, do a work and get to where I was going half an hour later than planned. The same goes for general photography really – and not so much of that has been happening lately either. Well lets see if I can get back to dedicating regular time to art out and about. At least some of what has been keeping me busy has been getting on with some drawings and prints so hopefully some updates of that soon too. For today’s instalment, a gravel man.


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