the right place for art?

Part of my work with the art out and about projects and chalk drawings has been about placing art back into the context of the ‘real world’, ie not a specific art world context like a gallery.  Not a new idea of course, nothing ever is.  Well it is one thing to do this with ephemeral work, which isn’t really an art object anyway, but what about works on paper.  So I have been thinking about taking some of the woodcut prints back to the source of the images. In this case a plantation of pines in Fyshwick.  I wanted to install them there, and had intended to paste them onto some old concrete structures.  This turned out to be more of a technical challenge than I had imagined – pasting onto the rough concrete simply wasn’t going happen with the glue I had – so a work still in progress.  I still did some photography of the prints at the site, and then started using the concrete walls as a surface for drawing on – hopefully informed by the site – again a work still in progress.

Wrapped on a tree…

…and on the ground.  This print did end up pasted onto a flat slab of concrete on the site – amongst the faded old porn images someone else had left weighted down with sticks.

I started some drawings in the main concrete tank structure – a figure rising from the soil, seemingly associated with the mysterious mound of soil – again left by others unknown.  The barbed wire a reference the the fact the site was originally built as an internment camp for German citizens during WWII.  As it happens the site never was used for this purpose.  The pines were planted after the camp was dismantled in the 50’s.

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One Response to “the right place for art?”

  1. matthewjeske Says:

    have you tried using wheatpaste as glue?
    You could also just try drawing with charcoal directly on the concrete.

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