M16 Drawing Prize

M16 artspace hosted its third annual drawing prize this week, and I was quite surprized and delighted to be chosen as one of the winners!  The judge, Michael Desmond, Senior Curator National Portrait Gallery, decided to split the prize into two equal firsts.  My work, titled The Shape of Matter, was made using pollen mixed with an egg binder and brushed onto paper.  Then when dry the varriations of texture and tone created were enhanced with a fine tracery of graphite pencil.  Using the pollen as a pigment creates a vibrant, almost glowing yellow hue.  I’ve been interested in allowing materials to determine their own patterns and textures, analogous to the way that the patterns in nature are a result of the physical characteristics of the matter which creates them.  Like the shape of clouds – every one is different, but they also take on recognisable types with characteristic forms depending on factors like humidity and temperature.  Or the patterns of ripples in the sand – determined by the size of the sand, the depth of water, the amount of wind etc.

detail from “The Shape of Matter”

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