ice man

Out camping in the high country the last couple of days.  Mostly walking and exploring and taking lots of photos, but did make time for one ‘art out and about’ piece on the top of Mt.Tantangara (1745m) in the northern part of Kosciusko National Park.  It should really have been covered in snow by this time of year but it has been a very slow start to real winter here.

As I started to form the ice man by adjusting the shape of a patch of snow, the howling wind began to pelt me with more icy granules.  I was making as much use as possible of the way the ice was already placed on the ground, hence this silhouette is a bit wonky, but it matches the bent forms of the old snow gums up there nicely.

We walked back out to the road yesterday afternoon and it has been snowing up there ever since I think.  So I guess no one else got to see this one – feels somewhat different when there is no chance of anyone seeing the work, but then they are always brief anyway.

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