leaf tracing

Did a new leaf tracing while out and about today.  I have been doing a number of these ephemeral works lately that involve tracing around fallen leaves with chalk.  I did this one in front of the new tax department offices in Civic.  They have nice new dark grey slate pavers so I thought white chalk would be ideal for this one.  Actually I’ve been keeping my eye on this site for a while, but the big Plane tree accros the road has been very slow to drop it’s leaves.

These works are part celebration of autumn, but they also reference a lot of other things like fragility of beauty, the fleeting nature of life etc.  On top of that they are just a lot of fun, especially when they are in a busy place like that.  I think it is important that I trace around actual leaves.  I could just draw leaf shapes anywhere but then it would be what I think leaves are shaped like – and size and position on the pavement – rather than the real shapes and sizes of real leaves.  Also the leaves blow about and move. When I trace them I leave them in place but they soon move – this is all part of the work – and of course there is a seasonal element – we might be able to buy strawberries in the shops in June these days, but you still wont get autumn leaves on the footpath in December – some things remain transient.

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One Response to “leaf tracing”

  1. Shellaine Says:

    Lovely – but where are the photos of me.

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